Toasted Pecan Buttter NO SUGAR ADDED CRUNCHY

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No Sugar Crunchy Pecan ButterYes!!! It is rare to find a No Sugar Added nut butter that tastes GREAT, but we have created it right here at Ziegelmeier & Co. in Ada, OK.

The same yummy quality of our regular 10 oz. CRUNCHY Toasted Pecan Butter, but lightly sweetened with a natural no-calorie sweetner called “xylitol”. Safe for diabetics and customers with a low tolerance or preference to no sugar. Pecans have a natural amount of sugar, but with our recipe the No Sugar Added Toasted Pecan Butter has only 1 gram of sugar per 2 Tbsp….and that’s ONLY from the pecans! And the taste? Excellent!! Our taste testers could not tell the difference; that’s how yummy it is!

Toasted Pecan Buttter CRUNCHY

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Crunchy Pecan ButterThis cute little jar of Ziegelmeier’s Toasted Pecan ButterTM is perfect for any gift! The “crunchy” version is delightful and full of crisp pecans. Each bite will be surprising and amazing.  An unbelievable deep flavor of toasted pecans, blended with a perfect, yet gentle balance of light sweetness from raw sugar and a tiny touch of sea salt. The perfect size for a gift, basket, or just to try.