Bengali Tomato Chutney

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Bengali Tomato ChutneyThe best of India’s wonderfully complex flavors adapted to a Western palate. Sweet and savory, this chutney is rich in its favors and textures and yet low in calories with an outstanding nutritional panel. With Indian cuisine on the rise, it has become a best seller in a short time! It is incredibly versatile: try in as an accompaniment or glaze to any meat, poultry or game, over any type of cheese as a delectable and addictive hors d’oeuvres; enjoy it on sandwiches and even burgers.

Tuscan Tomato Basil Vinaigrette

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Tuscan Tomato Basil VinaigretteBring the fresh flavors of Italy into your kitchen with this wonderful combination of fresh tomatoes, basil, oil and vinegar. Not only is it delicious on all types of salads and vegetables, but it makes a wonderful dressing for pasta or chicken salad and a fabulous marinade for poultry, meats, game, seafood, tofu and vegetables. 10 oz

100% natural
trans fat free
gluten free
cholesterol free
low salt