Tangerine Salad Refresher

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Tangerine Salad RefresherTangerines are a symbol of happiness and prosperity in China, and when you taste this Salad Refresher, you will know why. Fresh, light, fruity and refreshing, this dressing adds flavor and zest to all types of green salads, chicken salad, rice and couscous dishes and grilled or steamed vegetables; it makes a wonderful marinade for fish, seafood, poultry, meats, tofu and vegetables. 10 oz
the O list “A few things we think are just great”
O Magazine January 2009
Women’s Health Magazine 125 BEST PACKAGED FOODS for Women
“Much more complex and taste-bud-rewarding than you typical bottled fare. Can also be used to marinate chicked or seafood.”

100% natural
trans fat free
gluten free
cholesterol free
low salt