Maple PiperNigrum (maple pepper)

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Maple PiperNigrum (maple pepper)Maple Piper Nigrum™ (Maple Pepper) Organic maple sugar, our special blend of black pepper with a hint of kosher salt. Smooth maple sweetness with our subtle black pepper flavors. Use liberally on salmon, chicken, pork, winter squash or baked apples. Maple peppered bacon…Scrumptious!

Lavender Pepper

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Lavender PepperOur spice enhances the flavor of your foods without overpowering them. A spice, a rub or an addition to salads or pastas. Try it as a seasoning on steak, salmon or meatloaf. Great looking and tasting sprinkled on Chèvre or other soft cheeses for an appetizer with bread or crackers.  We have not found a thing we do not like this on!