Smokey Southwest Sun-Dried Tomato Dip Mix

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Smokey Southwest Sun-Dried Tomato DipA fantastic mix of flavors, smoky chipotles, sun sweetened sun-dried tomatoes, and a mix of the The SalsaKing’s secret recipe of herbs and spices make this newest creation from the SalsaKing a taste sensation that is unlike any other dip made anywhere. We have the perfect dip mix here, try some today and make it for your next party, or just for snackin’ on Sundays in front of the tube. A medium hot heat level that has a mild burn that lingers a bit and lets you know you are still alive and have a great life. A truly spectacular dip. My favorite thing to do with this stuff is to mix in a jar of olive oil, then when I bake fresh bread we rip off hunks and dip into the oil. I have also taken a can of garbonzo beans, drained and rinsed, stuck in a blender with a packet of this dip, whizzed until smooth using some beer or water to make creamy. A fantastic Hummus style dip but without the fat of normal hummus.

Sonoran Chipotle Seasoning

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Sonoran ChipotleNo kidding! The Salsa King adds his Sonoran Chipotle Blend on Salmon, chicken, pork, beef, and lamb. He sprinkles it on deviled eggs, tuna or chicken salads, leafy green salads, and even over his Royal Popcorn! Once you try this on popcorn, you’ll find yourself sneaking it into your local theaters!