Gawd Ahmighty – Blistering Hot! Dip Mix

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Gawd Ahmights Blisterin' HotThis dip has 7 chilies and 11 spices and a great burn with a whole lot of habanero and cayenne with a 160K Unit heat level added. We’re pleased to offer this great flavored dip with a slow burn that will catch you off guard with the intensity and depth of the heat. Try this mixed with sour cream for a dip, or mix into a big 28 oz can of refried beans, add about a cup of good beer or stout and cover with cheese. Microwave on medium until bubbly and you now have a fabulous and spicy bean dip! You can also use it to sprinkle over a roast. Slow cook it for 6 to 8 hours, shred the meat and use it to make an incredible spicy burrito filling.

El Diablo Habanero Salsa

Product ID: 00005-38

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El Diablo Habanero SalsaHabaneros have this wonderfully fruity, peppery flavor that makes a fantastic salsa. Not just hot, but a glorious blazing heat that lingers on your tongue and mingles there with all the heavenly traditional spices of this exceptional salsa. A very rich flavored heat without being overpowering. El Diablo has a lingering residual endorphin rush. A great hot salsa! Try mixing a half cup with a cup of sour cream and pour over an omelets for a fiery breakfast. Order some today and you’ll soon be tasting the finest habanero salsa available. Not so hot that it kills your taste buds for an hour. We just don’t make that kind of stuff.

Life or Death Habanero Ketchup

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Habanero KetchupAll of our ketchups start with a rich, ripe tomato flavor. Our Life or Death Habanero ketchup lives up to its description; “Like a trip to Hades with a pit-stop in Death Valley.” This ketchup slowly fires up your taste buds with our special combination of habanero chilies and spices. Did you ever want to join the circus and learn to be a fire eater? Well, this isn’t that bad. But it’s close!