Gawd Ahmighty – Blistering Hot! Dip Mix

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Gawd Ahmights Blisterin' HotThis dip has 7 chilies and 11 spices and a great burn with a whole lot of habanero and cayenne with a 160K Unit heat level added. We’re pleased to offer this great flavored dip with a slow burn that will catch you off guard with the intensity and depth of the heat. Try this mixed with sour cream for a dip, or mix into a big 28 oz can of refried beans, add about a cup of good beer or stout and cover with cheese. Microwave on medium until bubbly and you now have a fabulous and spicy bean dip! You can also use it to sprinkle over a roast. Slow cook it for 6 to 8 hours, shred the meat and use it to make an incredible spicy burrito filling.