Whiskey Maple Flask

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Whiskey Maple FlaskOld Rufus liked his whiskey. One day he got all roostered-up and decided to add a little hooch to his sauce. He then threw in a little maple syrup to “sweeten the deal”. It was no big surprise to anyone that he liked it enough to keep on makin’ it. The result is something that even a teetotaler can’t get enough of.

Spicy Meat Rub

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Spicy Meat RubRufus pulled this recipe out of thin air and then spiced it up. Folks have really taken a shine to it. With a little kick, it just makes stuff real good. Go ahead, rub it on anything. Its good on all of it – beef, pork, chicken, espically fish. Even use it as an ingredient or on non-grillin’ stuff. Makes everything good.