The Parmesan Gypsy

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The Parmesan GypsyThis has been our signature house vinaigrette for years in our catering business. At first, we were pouring it into mayonnaise jars for insistent customers, now we bottle it nearly round the clock! Over the years we have discovered its many other uses besides just an excellent salad dressing. Our marinated mushrooms soak in the flavors on stovetop and are the talk of the town. Marinate chicken, pork and beef in this overnight and never prepare meat another way again. Drizzle over a baked potato, hot pasta, dip in a piece of French bread or spread as a base on a pizza crust. The Parmesan Gypsy is a unique blend of oil, soy sauce, herbs and Parmesan cheese…you’ll see why we call it a pantry essential.