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About Pigtale Twist:

Our Story,
Meg Dhamer created Pigtale Twist, which is named after a fairytale her grandmother would tell her about a little pig who worked his land in the French countryside. At night, as he worked in his barn, the town’s children saw the glow of his lamp through the windows. Night after night the children visited the barn, and the little pig would read fairytales to them. In her favorite story, the pigs were preparing a fabulous feast for their friends. She remembers thinking, “I’m going to do that some day.” And now it’s come true.

Meg’s goal was a way of supporting her family, satisfying her insatiable love of cooking, lavish entertaining and a way to give back to her community some of the blessings she had been given.

Meg and her family, her mother, Elaine, Daisey, Teddy, and pup, Oliver, reside in Illinois. Meg has an amazing talent for creating incredible meals with an opulent flair and now shares them with you! Every dining experience expresses her special passion for spectacular presentation and bursting flavors.


Visit www.pigtaletwist.com, pull up a glass of wine and cook up some fabulous meals with Meg. All of the Pigtale Twist products are made with the freshest ingredients, all natural, gluten free and half the calories of other similar products.

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