Three Berry Vinaigrette

Product ID: 00039-13

MSRP: $11.99

Three Berry VinaigretteThree Berry Vinaigrette is made with fresh raspberry, blackberry & blueberry, no fat, sugar or salt. The only added sweetener is a touch of German Summer Flower Honey so it’s perfect for those with either diabetic or cardiac concerns. Packed with antioxidants, it’s amazing drizzled over roast pork, or a horseradish crusted lamb chop. I love to pour it into a squirty bottle allowing more control drizzling a beautiful pattern over grilled swordfish and asparagus. Finish with fresh orange zest & black sesame seed for a dramatic splash of color! Over duck, pheasant, goose or venison it’s tartness is reminiscent of Lingonberries & cuts through the gaminess of the meat. And my girlfriend from Germany loves it over cream cheese stuffed French Toast or pancakes as a very healthy alternative to syrup.

Weight Watchers info:  0 POINTS! (that’s a Zero)  And at only 32 calories per 2 TBS, you may eat all you like!