Blueberry Pepper Jam

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Blueberry Pepper JamOur Blueberry Pepper Jam combines the distinct sweetness of blueberries with a touch of heat. Milder than our other pepper jams, it works wonderfully in many dessert  recipes such as the final touch on shortbread and mascarpone. It is fantastic on cornbread cakes or crepes, and works well for glazing meat, especially game or pork.  It retails especially well in rural areas as well as the outer ring suburbs.
“Æbleskiver. . . .served with ginger syrup, maple syrup and several full-flavored jellies from market neighbor Lucille’s Kitchen Garden. I highly recommend the blueberry-pepper.” Rick Nelson, StarTribune, Taste

Ingredients: sugar, blueberries, peppers, vinegar and fruit pectin