Minnesota Mead Jelly

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MN Mead JellyOur MN Mead Jelly is made from MN Winery and Vineyard, WineHaven’s award winning honey wine.  We are so proud of the fact that the mead that we use is made from honey from bees just 35 miles away from our kitchen.  Chosen as Best in Taste by both MN Monthly Magazine and Cooking Light  Magazine our MN Mead Jelly is a wonderful addition to your next cheese tray.  Use it as a glaze on  or as a topping for your next cheese cake.

Blueberry Pepper Jam

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Blueberry Pepper JamOur Blueberry Pepper Jam combines the distinct sweetness of blueberries with a touch of heat. Milder than our other pepper jams, it works wonderfully in many dessert  recipes such as the final touch on shortbread and mascarpone. It is fantastic on cornbread cakes or crepes, and works well for glazing meat, especially game or pork.  It retails especially well in rural areas as well as the outer ring suburbs.
“Æbleskiver. . . .served with ginger syrup, maple syrup and several full-flavored jellies from market neighbor Lucille’s Kitchen Garden. I highly recommend the blueberry-pepper.” Rick Nelson, StarTribune, Taste

Ingredients: sugar, blueberries, peppers, vinegar and fruit pectin

Garlic Pepper Jam

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Garlic Pepper JamOur Garlic Pepper Jam is an excellent spread for bagels with cream cheese or as an addition to quiche. Our favorite use of this jam is glazing our bleu cheese burgers. It is wonderful on roast beef, steak or brie.  Mix with butter for a zesty garlic sauce on seafood pasta or garlic bread.
“The garlic pepper jam was my favorite. It’s golden in color and tangy, sour, and sweet at the same time.” Roseanne Pereira, City Pages

Ingredients:  sugar, peppers, vinegar, garlic and fruit pectin

Raspberry Pepper Jam

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Raspberry Pepper JamOur Raspberry Pepper Jam is the super star of the group.  It sells at about a two-to-one ratio over the other jams and has accumulated a cult-like following. One customer said, “I would eat my arm if this were on it.” It is most commonly paired with brie, mascarpone, and smoked gouda. Sue Zelickson loves to use it in a recipe that I shared with her called “Loser Pie.”  It has all the heat of jalapeños, without drowning out the sweet freshness of the raspberries.

Ingredients: sugar, raspberries, peppers, vinegar and fruit pectin

Cranberry White Balsamic Chutney

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Cranberry White Balsamic Chutney Our Cranberry White Balsaic Chutney is the delightful combination of the fresh tartness of cranberries tempered with the sweet smoothness of high quality white balsamic vinegar.  It pairs beautifully with a broad range of cheeses and smoked meats, and brightens both the holiday table and the traditional “day-after” turkey sandwich.

Ingredients: cranberries, apples, red onion, white balsamic vinegar, sugar and spices