Strawberry Pepper Jam – Mild

Product ID: 00008-82

MSRP: $9.00

Shop HERE! strawberry flavor with a zippy pepper after burn. If you like jalapeno jams, you’ll love this one. Great flavor and has just the right amount of MILD heat.

Very popular…most people are surprised by this one and absolutely love it. It’s strawberry with a little kick to it.

1 out of 5 stars on the heat chart

Raspberry Pepper Jam – Mild

Product ID: 00008-76

MSRP: $9.00

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Raspberry Pepper Jam - Mild
A wonderful raspberry start with a smooth ending that warms the tongue, delicious and beautiful, MILD.

Very popular….great Raspberry flavor that everyone loves. Not too warm, but just right! We take these to parties and they are always a hit. Take a block of cream cheese and pour this over the top, use your favorite crackers and watch it disappear.