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OMFGYes, it means what you think it does. Or, “Ooo, Maximum Fudgy Goodness!” works, too.
When over the top is a good starting place, this is for you. Twice the intense dark chocolate hit as our original, with an eye opening deep resonant tone. If your day is so bad you need Ghandi to save those around you, then OMFG might just do the trick.
As intense as we can get it and not need a HazMat warning, OMFG is the ultimate fix for chocoholics. A great PMS pill, as well. *Warning: More than a tablespoon may cause severe bliss.*

Ready for the challenge? Try pairing OMFG with a Guinness Stout or raspberry cordial. Anything a fudgy brownie goes with, such as, well, a spoon. Where do you think the name came from?

Ingredients: Honey, Butter, Dark Cocoa, Sunflower Oil, Vanilla, Sea Salt.

There are 3 sizes and 3 prices, the smallest size is listed.