“Why Entrepreneurial Mindset Matters” – My Key Point!

In the video Dr. Melton helps to explain and define the concept of “Mindsets” as being beyond what typical students may or may not be taught, skillsets.  The first part of learning any new concept is understanding what you are learning and then believing that it can be taught and learned by the student.  This definition does a great job of starting us down that path.

Understanding that what many are taught, the skillset, is very important because without a good foundation to springboard from, mindset is meaningless.  An example of a Medical Doctor that has the skills to diagnose and perform surgeries relates to his skillset.  The doctor’s bedside manners relate to his mindset which helps to keep him focused and continually learning and honing his skillset.

This was enough to get me interested in reading more from the engineeringunleashed.com website.  So, what is just briefly mentioned in the final seconds of the video, upon further reading contains what I believe is the most important aspect of the Entrepreneurial Mindset personally.  “Connections: Think Outside the Box.  Place Old Ideas in New Contexts.”  The article goes on to say, “Discoveries, however, are not enough.  Information only yields insight when connected with other information.  We must teach our students to habitually pursue knowledge and integrate it with their own discoveries to reveal innovative solutions.”

Typically I would think that many people that have this entrepreneurial mindset often come up with ways to improve their jobs or speed their processes.  They then look for an Engineer to make those visions become a reality.  We, however, are starting from the Engineer skillset and moving TOWARDS the entrepreneurial mindset.  This empowers us to be more agile in realizing the visions and speeding the process of improvement.  But, therein lies the real challenge in my opinion, experiencing the things that need improvement in order to exercise this mindset.  How do we “integrate it with [our] own discoveries” unless we are in a continual habit of learning and experiencing?  Our challenge!

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