Design Thinking, thought process of being empathetic!

If you don’t know already, then you will soon enough if you follow any of my comments or posts, that I’m very motivated with the concept of adding “DESIGN THINKING” to anything and everything that I think about and touch.  John Maeda’s work in this regard has been among what I have followed closely.  Now, I have someone new to follow, David Kelley, after watching the assigned 60 minutes video on youtube and then also watching a TED talk he was featured in.

The description of reviewing everything that we design with the thought process of being empathetic to our users is an amazing description of how I feel I approach all of the problems I encounter.  However, in a me-first society, which I think as a people we are moving towards, the concept of how and why being empathetic might be more challenging for some people to take hold of elevates the need for this Design Thinking process in my opinion.

Taking the prompt from this “Design Thinking” interview and designing our questions for customer surveys in such a way to truly be empathetic to our customer’s needs extends the understanding of the suggestions in the articles we read from Strategyzer on the 8 rules to a customer interview and the suggestions from Mark Lieberman in his article on “Customer Development Interviews”.  Both mention putting aside preconceived ideas and listening to what our customers really want by letting them talk more than us and also making sure not to frame our questions to elicit bias.

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