Powerful! The Inventure Cycle, by Tina Seelig

I love the introduction to the book from Steve Blank.  I too suffer from so many ideas that it was quite a revelation to realize that not everyone thinks like me, it just seems so “normal”.  I am a huge fan of John Maeda in promoting Art and changing STEM to STEAM, to include Art in the normal disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Something is needed to promote imagination and creativity in school as this article further discusses.

This may be the very best definition of Entrepreneurship I’ve come across from Professor Tina Seelig:  “Entrepreneurship is applying innovation, bringing ideas to fruition, by inspiring others’ imagination.”  Obviously, as an Entrepreneur, we have worked through the first steps Professor Seelig discusses, “Imagination, Creativity and Innovation”, but translating our imagination to Inspire others to imagine is the process of Entrepreneurship.

If, as the article suggests, not everyone has this skill to effectively imagine, this could be likened to trying to teach a blind person to see.  Or teach someone with Parkinson’s to drink a cup of coffee without spilling.  Perhaps, with help from Kate Rosenbluth and Cala Heath, from the article, this latter group may be able to accomplish that goal through effort.  Likewise, through our effort in Entrepreneurship we can hope to inspire others to imagine.

Welcome to my imagination!

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