When will technology and circumstance come together at the right time for this project to finally take flight?  Now! has been here in some form since 2011.  Now five years later the site is ready to get the attention that it deserves and take flight.  The old posts have been deleted for the sake of new beginnings. (Facebook page for proof of start date though)

There was almost flight two and a half years ago when I put together a kickstarter campaign, just to be denied due to the eCommerce feel of the site.  So, while I waited for a new crowdfunding site that specialized in food products to come up, I started a journey to get my bachelors degree in Engineering.  As a 44 year old student, when I started, there were many prerequisites that needed to be taken before I could progress.  Now, as a Junior at Arizona State University in the Engineering Management program, there are several classes for Entrepreneurs that I get to take over the next several semesters.  Circumstance has finally arrived!

I picked this major because I also get to take several classes in Programming.  Hopefully this will fulfill the technology requirements.  Or, at least if I can’t do the programming myself, the classes will provide an introduction to someone that may have the skill set that I’m looking for.  Searching a WordPress Multisite in a meaningful way is a formidable challenge.

Looking forward to a future of innovation and growth for the Site!


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